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Different Stages in Human Life Chart



General Quality


#1 0-1 Hope At this stage babies learn to trust that their parents will meet their basic needs.
#2 2-3 Stage 2 Will As toddlers, children begin to develop independence and start to learn that they can do some things on their own.
#3 4-6 Stage 3 Purpose As preschoolers, children continue to develop more independence and start to do things of their own initiative.
#4 7-12 Stage 4 Competence Throughout their school years, children continue to develop self-confidence through learning new things.
#5 13-19 Stage 5 Fidelity When they reach the teenage years, children start to care about how they look to others.
#6 20-34 Stage 6 Love During early adulthood most people fall in love, get married and start building their own family.
#7 35-65 Stage 7 Care This is the longest period of a human's life. It is the stage in which people are usually working and contributing to society in some way and perhaps raising their children.
#8 65+ Stage 8 Wisdom As senior citizens, people tend to look back on their lives and think about what they have or have not accomplished.