Interactive Solving Radial Form Calculator

 Simplified Radical Form Calculator

An online calculator to simplifying the radical form.


Solved, Simplify Radical Expression Problems

Simplest radical form means simplifying the radical such that there are no square roots , cube roots to find.

Example: Simplify the number 252

Step 1: Find the prime factorization of the number inside the radical.

252 = 2 * 2 * 3 * 3 * 7

Step 2: Determine the index of the radical. In this case, the index is two because it is a square root, which means we need two of a kind.

252 = √¯¯¯¯2*2*3*3*7

Step 3: Move each group of numbers or variables from inside the radical to outside the radical. In this case, the pair of 2s and 3s moved outside the radical.

= 2 * 3√¯¯¯¯7

Step 4: Simplify the expressions both inside and outside the radical by multiplying.

= ± 6√¯¯¯¯7