Calculate Energy Consumption of Home & Office Electrical Appliances

 Electricity Cost Calculation

 An online utility tool to calculate your electricity cost by daily, monthly and yearly.

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Electricity Cost From 1 to 31 Days*

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Formula Used

Cost of Electricity = Wattage in Watts / 1000 x Hours Used x Electricity Price per kWh

Use this calculator, to find the energy cost for the following home/office appliance.

LED Lioght Blub ,CFL Light Blub , Incandescent Bulb, LCD/LED TV/Display , CRT Monitor,Game Console ,Desktop Computer ,Laptop/Notebook ,Wifi Router ,Printer ,DVR ,Cell Phone Charger ,Cordless Phone ,Alarm Clock ,Electric Furnace ,Space Heater ,Water Heater ,Central Air Conditioner ,Air Conditioner , Clothes Washes ,Clothes Dryer ,Cooking Stove Top ,Oven ,Dishwasher ,Freezer ,Refrigerator ,Coffee Maker ,Microwave ,Toaster ,Hair Dryer ,Iron ,Vacuum Cleaner ,Ceiling Fan ,Table Fan ,Air Cooler