SPL (Sound Pressure Lvl) Calculator

This online step by step sound SPL calculator will help you to find the sound pressure level(SPL) or noise pollution.


How to calculate sound pressure level and measure sound pressure

Sound Pressure Level Formula :

Sound Pressure Level (Lb) = 10 log10 (p2po2)


Lb is sound pressure level in (dB)

p is sound pressure in (Pa)

po is reference sound pressure in (Pa)

Measuring Sound Pressure Formula :

measured (effective) pressure (Pe) = pa21/2


Pa is maximum pressure amplitude in the sound wave (Pa)

Pe is measured (effective) pressure (Pa)

Typical Subjective Description of Sound Pressure Level

0 to 40 dB is quiet to very quiet

60 to 80 dB is noisy

100 dB is very noisy

Greater than 120 dB is intolerable