NPER Calculator

calculate the number of periods that are required to pay off a loan or reach an investment goal through regular periodic payments and at a fixed interest rate.


How NPER calculator works

Calculates the number of loan payment periods, given the periodic payment amount and (fixed) interest rate.

This NPER calculator uses the following input arguments:

Rate : This is the interest rate per period.

PMT : The payment made each period. Generally, it contains principal and interest but no other fees and taxes.

PV : The present value, or the lump-sum amount that a series of future payments is worth right now.

FV (optional argument) : This is the future vale or the cash balance which we want at the end after the last payment is made. When omitted, please enter the value as zero.


Lets assume we wish to make an investment of $10,000 and want to earn $500,000.

The annual interest rate is 5%. We will make additional monthly contributions of $5,000.

Lets now calculate the number of monthly investments required to earn $500,000.

Results : Periods (terms in month) is 85