How Much Mulch Needed For Project Calculator

 Mulch Calculator (M3,ft3,yd3,ft2)

This online mulch calculator to determine the amount of mulch you will need.


What is Mulch

Mulch is usually applied to the soil surface to discourage weeds, offer shade and reduce the loss of moisture through evaporation.

Mulch Formula

sq.ft = Length x Width

cu.ft = sq.ft x D(depth) (or)

cubic yards = cu.ft/27

Mulch Conversion Chart

Desired Depth 1-3 cu.ft. Bag 1-2 cu.ft. Bag 1-1.5 cu.ft. Bag 1 cubic yard
1″ deep 36 sq. ft. 24 sq. ft. 18 sq.ft. 324 sq. ft.
2″ deep 18 sq. ft. 12 sq. ft. 9 sq. ft. 162 sq. ft.
3″ deep 12 sq. ft. 8 sq. ft. 6 sq. ft. 108 sq. ft.
4″ deep 9 sq.ft. 6 sq. ft. 4.5 sq. ft. 81 sq. ft.