Recurring Decimals to Simple Fraction Converter

 Recursive Fraction Converter

This online calculator is used to convert the recurring part and non-recurring part into simple fraction.

Example:- 0.7777777 where 0 is Non-Recurring Part , and 7777777 is Recurring Part

How to Give Input for This Calculator


The fraction 7 ÷ 9 = 0.7777777......

This is called as recurring decimal.

Sample Input1:

If you have 0.7777777... as decimal,

Enter 0 in Non-Recurring Part

Enter 7 in Recuring Number

Sample Input2:

If you have 2.56231231... as decimal,

Enter 2.56 in Non-Recurring Part

Enter mixed recuring number 231 in Recuring Number

How to Convert Decimal Number to Simple Fraction

Use the Button "Convert Decimal to Simple Fraction"

Simple Fraction or Common Fraction or Vulgar Fraction is a rational number written as a/b , where a and b are both integers.