50/30/20 Budget Rule Calculator

This 50/30/20 budget calculator will helps to reach your financial goals. The rule states that you should spend up to 50% of your after-tax income of needs and obligations that your must-have or must-do. The remaining half should be split up to 20% savings and 30% to everything else that you might want.


Budgeting Rule 50/30/20 Calculator

The fundamental distribution of this rule is to allocate 50% of net income towards Necessities followed by 30% of income towards Wants and finally the remaining 20% to be kept as Savings.


1. Mortgage

2. Rent

3. Utilities

4. Transportation

5. Health Care


1. Shopping

2. Dining Out

3. Gym Membership

4. Entertainment

5. Vacations


1. Emergency Funds

2. 401(k) Contributions or Retirement Contributions

3. Savings

4. Investments

5. Donations (for good cause)