US Treasury Bill Calculator

This united states T-Bill calculator is used to find out the T-Bill profit, Percentage return on T-Bill, Yearly percentage return on T-Bill and so on.


What Is a Treasury Bill (T-Bill)

A Treasury Bill is a short-term U.S. government debt obligation backed by the Treasury Department with a maturity of one year or less. Treasury bills are usually sold in denominations of $1000.

Example :

Mr.Jack buys a 1-year $1000 treasury bill for $970. he holds onto this investment for twelve months (52 weeks) and turns it in at maturity for $1000.

Mr.Jack didnot receive any interest payments from the investment all year. Instead, he realized a $30 gain the sale of the bill at maturity.

Note :

T-Bill prices tend to rise when the Fed performs expansionary monetary policy by buying Treasuries. Conversely, T-bill prices fall when the Fed sells its debt securities.

How T-Bill Calculator Works

Face Value of T-Bill - This is the amount to be received at end of period of the T-Bill. This is a standard denomination T-Bill value that T-Bills are normally purchased at in auction.

Other T-Bill Value - The other T-Bill value allows you to enter non-standard T-Bill Amounts.

Maturity Period - The T-Bill Maturity period is the duration for which the T-Bill will be held before being cashed in for the return value on the face of the T-Bill.

Standard T-Bill Maturity Period - Choose one of the Standard T-Bill maturity periods based on one month (4 weeks), three months (13 weeks), six months (26 weeks) or twelve months (52 weeks).

Other Maturity Period - Enter a bespoke T-Bill Maturity Period based on days, weeks or months.

Price paid for the T-Bill - This is the price that paid for the T-Bill at auction.

T-Bill Profit - This is the gross profit (Gross profit = T-Bill Price - T-Bill Face Value). This is also referred to as the T-Bill Yield.

Percentage Return on T-Bill - This tis the standard return percentage on your T-Bill payment without factoring in the duration for which the T-Bill is held.

Annual Percentage Return on T-Bill - This is the yearly interest rate achieved on T-Bill investment transposed from the duration of the T-Bill to an annualised amount.

Get T-Bill rates directly from the US Treasury website