Pendulum Oscillation Time Calculator

This online calculator is used to find the time period of oscillation of a simple pendulum.


Formula for Pendulum Oscillation Time Taken :

Simple Pendulum :

A point mass attached to a light inextensible string and suspended from fixed support is called a simple pendulum.

Period of oscillation :

The period of swing of a simple gravity pendulum depends on its length, the local strength of gravity, and to a small extent on the maximum angle that the pendulum swings away from vertical, θ0, called the amplitude.

It is independent of the mass of the bob. If the amplitude is limited to small swings, the period T of a simple pendulum, the time taken for a complete cycle is

T = 2π lg


T - time period in secs

l - moment of inertia in kg m2

g - gravitational acceleration Nm

π - 3.14159