India Inflation Calculator

Rapidly calculate how the buying power of indian rupees has changed over time from year 2013 to present.

  Year Rupee

If in 2013 You purchased an item for ₹200 INR then in 2022 that same item would cost ₹ INR



Inflation Rate from 2022 to 2022 is 0 %

Number of years Between 2022 and 2022 is 0 years

Average Annual Inflation Rate is 0 %

Annual CPI for year 2022 is 172.1

Annual CPI for year 2022 is 172.1

Summary :

200 INR in 2022 would be worth 200 INR in 2022

How to Calculate the India Inflation Rate

Calculates the equivalent value of the India INR in any year from 2013 to present. Calculations are based on the average annual CPI data(see the below table) in the India from 2013 to present.This inflation calculator uses the following formula to calcualte the INR inflation rate.

Inflation Rate = ( CPI2 - CPI1 )CPI1 × 100


CPI - consumer price index.

CPI2 - The consumer price index in the second period.

CPI1 - The consumer price index in the previous period.

Consumer Price Index (CPI) Table  

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