2Digits By 1 digit Multiplication With Carry Over Option

 Multiplying: 2 digit times 1 digit (with carrying)

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Example: Column Multiplication Examples

Multiply and carry results that are larger than 9. If you multiply the ones place number and the result is larger than 9, you will need to carry the extra value above the top number.

For example, if you are multiplying 96 by 8, when you multiply the 6 by 8, you will get 48. Instead of writing 48 below your line, write an 8 and carry the 4.



× 8




Multiply the tens place and add the carried value. Multiply the bottom ones place and the top tens place as you normally would. Then add the value that you carried above the tens place.For example, for 96 × 8, multiply 8 and 9 to get 72. Then add the 4 that you carried to get 76. This will give you a final answer of 768.