Terminology used in Addition Subtraction Multiply Division


Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division (Terms Used)

Operations Vocabulary Explanation Example
Addition Augend Number to which another is added.
  Addend Number which is added to another.
  Sum Sum is the result of an addition
Subtraction Minuend The first number in a subtraction
  Subtrahend Number that is to be subtracted. 2nd no.in a subtraction
  Difference Difference is the result of a subtraction problem.
Multiplication Multiplicand Number which is multiplied by another number
  Multiplier Number with which multiply is called the multiplier
  Product Product is the result of multiplying.
Division Dividend The number being divided
  Divisor Number that will divide the dividend exactly
  Quotient The Result of Division
  Remainder Number "left over" after dividing one Number by another
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Addition Example:

3 + 2 = 5 ,

Here, 3 is Augend

2 is Addend

5 is Sum

Subtraction Example:

23 - 2 = 21 ,

Here, 23 is Minuend

2 is Subtrahend

21 is Difference

Multiplication Example:

5 x 1 = 5 ,

Here, 5 is Multiplicand

1 is Multiplier

5 is Product

Division Example:

10 ÷ 2 = 5 ,

Here, 10 is Dividend

2 is Divisor

5 is Quotient

0 is Remainder ( No left over after dividing)

These vocabulary of addition,subtraction,multiply and division is the basic things in general mathematics

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