Bond Yield Calculator

It is an online tool for investment calculation and used to calculate the current yield of a bond based on par value, coupon payment, interest rate, maturity years and payment time.

Twice a Year
None (Zero Coupon)


Yield to Maturity (%) = 13.14

Current Yield (%) = 7.06

Bond Yield & YTM

Bond Yield : is the return an investor realizes on a bond.

Yield To Maturity : The yield to maturity for a bond is basically the total return that an investor can expect from a bond if that bond is held until maturity.

YTM Formula :

YTM = C + F - P n F+P 2


F= Bond Face Value/Par Value

P = Current Bond Trading Price

C = Annual Coupon Rate

n = Years to Maturity

Current Yield Formula :

Current Yield = Annual cash flow of the bondCurrent market trading price