Discounted Cash Flow(DCF) Calculator

It is an online tool for investment and used to figure out the net present value / discounted cash flow / calculated fair value of an investment.

Free Cash Flow


Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) = 12.73

Over / Under Value Percentage = +685.25%

YearsDiscounted Cash Flow (DCF) /
Calculated Fair Value
Over /
Under Value Percentage
#12.86 +3392.06%
#25.60 +1686.64%
#38.21 +1118.57%
#410.58 +845.33%
#512.73 +685.25%

Terminology Used in this Calculator :

Earnings Growth (%) - Expected Annual rate of growth for earnings per share.

Discount Rate (%) - guaranteed return.

Years of Above Growth - Number of years to use near term growth numbers.

Perpetual Growth (%) - Perpetual growth in EPS or FCFPS after the near term growth ends.

Discounted Cash Flow Formula

The discounted cash flow is a quantification method used to evaluate the attractiveness of an investment opportunity.Discounted Cash Flow is a term used to describe what your future cash flow is worth in today's value. This is also known as the present value (PV) of a future cash flow.

DCF Formula = CFt /( 1 +r)t

DCF = discounted cash flow

R = appropriate discount rate given the riskiness of the cash flows

t = life of the asset, which is valued.

Perpetual Growth Rate Method, the terminal value is calculated as

TVn = CFn (1+g)/( WACC-g)

TVn = Terminal Value at the end of the specified period

CFn = represents the cash flow of the last specified period

g = growth rate

WACC = Weighted Average Cost of Capital.