Marginal Utility Calculator

This marginal utility tool is used to measure how much value or satisfaction a consumer gets out of consuming your products or service.

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QuantityTotal UtilityMarginal Utility*Average Utility**

*Marginal Utility - change in total utility divided by change in quantity.

**Average Utility - total utility divided by total quantity.

How to Calculate Marginal Utility

Marginal utility is measures the increase in satisfaction consumers gain from consuming an extra unit of a goods or services.Marginal utility is calculated by taking the difference in total utilities, and dividing by the change in quantity consumed.

Marginal Utility = (TUf – TUi)(Qf – Qi)


TUi - Total Utility at Qi Units

TUf - Total Utility at Qf Units

Qi - No. of Units Consumed Initially

Qf - No. of Units Consumed Finally

Utility is the satisfaction a person derives from the consumption of a good or service. Total utility is the total satisfaction received from consuming a given total quantity of a good or service, while marginal utility is the satisfaction gained from consuming an additional quantity of that item.

Example: Utility Table

Quantity Consumed Total Utility (sum of utility from consumption) Marginal Utility (change in total utility divided by change in quantity consumed) Average Utility (total utility divided by total quantity consumed)
15050= 50/1 = 50
29040= 90/2 = 45
312030= 120/3 = 40