Physical Constants Table (CGS Unit)

 Physical Constants Chart

Physical Constants is a physical quantity that is generally believed to be both universal in nature and have constant value in time.

NameSymbolNumberCGS* Uits
Velocity of lightc2.998 x 1010cm s-1
Planck constanth6.626 x 10-27erg s
Gravitational constantG6.67 x 10-8cm3 g-1 s-2
Electron chargee4.803 x 10-10esu
Mass of electronme9.1096 x 10-28g
Mass of protonmp1.6724 x 10-24g
Mass of neutronmn1.6747 x 10-24g
Mass of hydrogenmH1.6733 x 10-24g
Atomic mass unitamu1.661 x 10-24g
Avagadros numberNA6.0222 x 1023
Boltzmann constantk1.38 x 10-16erg K-1
Electron voltev1.602 x 10-12erg
Rad'n density constanta7.5646 x 10-15erg cm-3 K-4
Stefan-Boltzmann constσ5.67 x 10-5erg cm-2 K-4 s-1
Fine structure constantα7.29735308 x 10-3 
Rydberg constantR2.17992 x 10-11erg
Yearyr3.156 x 107s
Astronomical unitAU1.496 x 1013cm
Parsecpc3.086 x 1018cm
Light yearly9.463 x 1017cm
Solar massM1.99 x 1033g
Solar radiusR6.96 x 1010cm
Solar LuminosityL3.9 x 1033erg s-1
Solar TemperatureT5780K
*CGS - Centimetre-Gram-Second
NameMass (g)Radius (cm)Period (yr)Semi-Major (AU)Eccentricity
Mercury3.303 x 10262.439 x 1082.4085 x 10-13.87096 x 10-10.205622
Venus4.87 x 10276.05 x 1086.1521 x 10-17.23342 x 10-10.006783
Earth5.976 x 10276.378 x 1081.00004 x 1009.99987 x 10-10.016684
Mars6.418 x 10263.397 x 1081.88089 x 1001.523705 x 1000.093404
Jupiter1.899 x 10307.14 x 1091.18622 x 1015.204529 x 1000.047826
Saturn5.686 x 10296 x 1092.94577 x 1019.575133 x 1000.052754
Uranus8.66 x 10282.615 x 1098.40139 x 1011.930375 x 1010.050363
Neptune1.03 x 10292.43 x 1091.64793 x 1023.020652 x 1010.004014
Pluto1 x 10251.2 x 1082.47686 x 1023.991136 x 1010.256695