Table of Geometric Symbols with Examples


Math Geometric Symbols with Examples

Symbol  Symbol Name  Symbol Meaning  Example 
Arc arc from point A to point B = 60º
º Degree 1 turn = 360º α = 60º
Angle formed by two rays ABC = 30º
Measured Angle   ABC = 30º
Spherical Angle   AOB = 30º
Right Angle = 90º α = 90º
? Arcminute 1º = 60? α = 60º59'
?? Arcsecond 1? = 60?? α = 60º59'59''
Line infinite line  
AB Line Segment line from point A to point B
Ray line that start from point A
| Perpendicular perpendicular lines (90º angle) AC | BC
|| Parallel parallel lines AB || CD
Congruent to equivalence of geometric shapes and size ∆ABC∆XYZ
~ Similarity same shapes, not same size ∆ABC~ ∆XYZ
Δ Triangle triangle shape ΔABCΔBCD
|x-y| Distance distance between points x and y | x-y | = 5
π pi Constant π = the ratio between the circumference and diameter of a circle c = π?d = 2?π?r
rad Radians radians angle unit 360º = 2π rad
grad Grads grads angle unit 360º = 400 grad
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