Kindergarten Grade1 Math Activity - Learn Beginners Addition and Techniques

Math Lab Activity: Concepts of Addition for Beginners


Children will learn that addition means "Putting Together".

To add single digit numbers with the help of concrete objects or pictures.

Activity - I

To the teacher:

Introduce the concept of "Putting Together" with the help of concrete objects such as counters,pencils,ice cream spoons etc..

Make childrens work in pairs, one child makes two groups of say 2 and 3 counters (decided by teacher) and the other child puts them together and says 2 and 3 make 5.

Repeat this activity several times before moving on to attempting exercises on paper.

Real Time Example:

There are birds on a tree

There are birds on another tree

How many birds are there altogether ?

Count and Enter.

How addition works on this example ?

birds and birds Make birds

We say that and Make

We write 2 + 3 = 5

Example Addition Problems for Beginners

Question1: leaves and leaves Make leaves

Question2: flowers and flowers Make flowers

Question3: fishes and fishes Make fishes

Question4: ice-creams and ice-cream Make ice-creams

Question5: butterflies and butterflies Make butterflies

Do you want to take test again ?