Kindergarten Grade1 Math Activity - Beginners subtraction and Methodology

Math Lab Activity: Concepts of subtraction for Beginners


Children will learn that subtraction means "Taking one number away from another".

Activity - I

To the teacher:

Introduce the concept of "How Many Left" with the help of concrete objects such as counters,pencils,ice-cream spoons etc..

Take a candy Jar and put 5 candys inside the jar infront of childrens in a class.

Call one child from the class and ask him/her take 2 candys away from jar and then,

Ask a question to all the childrens.How many left in candy jar now?.


There are candys in a candy jar.

A child have taken candys away from a candy jar.

How many candys left in a candy jar ?

Count and Enter.

How subtraction works on this example ?

Total candys and candys taken away and remanings are candys

We write 5 - 2 = 3

Example Subtraction Problems for Beginners

Question1: glasses and glasses break = How many left ? glasses

Question2: butterflies and butterflies fly away = How many left ? butterflies

Question3: boats and sail away = How many left ? boats

Question4: aeroplanes and aeroplanes fly away = How many left ? aeroplanes

Question5: leaves and leaves fall down = How many left ? butterflies

Do you want to take test again ?