Kindergarten Grade1 Math Activity - To Recognise Numbers 1 to 9 and 0

KinderGarten,Grade1 - Math Lab Activity


Children will learn to recognise numbers from 1 to 9 and Zero.

Warm Up - Before to math lab activity.

Ask your students to do the following

1/ Show one hand.

2/ Show the other hand.

3/ Close one eye.

4/ Close the other eye.

5/ Lift one leg.

6/ Lift the other leb.

After warm up, below tasks for the teacher.

Activity - I

To the teacher:

While introducing the numbers, ask children to show fingers equivalent to the numbers.

Ask students to show 1 finger like in the picture.

Ask students to show 2 fingers like in the picture.

Ask students to show 3 fingers like in the picture and so on.

Activity - II

To the teacher:

To further strengthen the recognition of numbers they can also be shown a number of objects and asked students to pick the corresponding number card.

The number cards can be made on cardboards or thick card in the class or bought from home by childrens.

Give children more practice with counting concrete objects.

For example, making them pick up 2 marbles or 1 flower or 3 pencils etc..