Kindergarten Grade1 Math Activity: Pre-Number Concepts

Pre-Number Concepts: One and the Another/Sorting/Making Sets/Matching/Counting Groups


Welcome to the Basic Math.Children will learn about the pre-number concepts related to small,big,similar,disimilar,one to one matching,counting as which will make them ready for numbers.

One And The Other

Ask your childrens to do the following activities.This is one way of math activities work on number but without introducing the terminology.

Show One Hand

Show The Other Hand

Close One Eye

Close The Other Eye

Lift One Leg

Lift The Other Leg


List out the similar and disimilar of objects in a paper and ask the childrens to make a ring around things of the same kind.

In this example, tortoise in one group and fish in other group.

Making Sets

List out 10 different objects in a paper.Ask childrens to join the similar item that they knows it and remaining things needs to be Cross out.

Example1, Join the book to all the things childrens see in the classroom.Cross out the things that they do not see in classroom.

Answer is Black board,Table,Chair,pencil

Cross out things are fish,key chain,bat,ball,tortoise.

Example2: List out vegetables and fruits like carrot,tomatto,mango,bananas,meat,ice-cream and list out non eatable things like tooth brush,comb.Ask children to join the bananas to all the thinghs we eat.Cross out the things that we do not eat.

Answer is carrot,tomatto,mango,bananas,meat and ice-cream.

Cross out things are tooth brush and comb.


List out 5 different things at one side and same five things in other side but with different position in paper.Ask students to draw a line to join things of the same kind.

Ball Fish
Mango Ball
Umbrella Cup
Fish Mango
Cup Umbrella

Counting Groups

Look at each set of objects.Click the number that tells how many are in that group.

Group A

How many Elephants in Group A?

Group B

How many Car in Group B?

Group C

How many Tortoise in Group C?

Group D

How many Balls in Group D?