Kindergarten Grade1 Math Activity - To Count & Write Numbers 1 to 9 and 0

KinderGarten,Grade1 - Math Lab Activity


Children will learn to count and write the numbers upto 9 and zero.

Warm Up - Before to math lab activity.

Ask students to say loudly from 1 to 9 numbers.Repeat this warmup activity to more than 5 times.

Activity - I

To the teacher:

Fun Activity: Pick a beautifull dog picture from internet or other sources, show to your students and ask them the following questions.

Question1: How Many Eyes Does it Have ?

Question2: How Many Tails Does it Have ?

Question3: How Many Legs Does it Have ?

Question4: How Many Ears Does it Have ?

Question5: How Many Tongues Does it Have ?

Activity - II

To the teacher:

Pick a picture which has more objects like cows,childrens,house,chicks,ducks etc.., and display it in projector and ask your childrens to write the answers for the following questions.

You can try this example here by clicking the correct answer.

Question1: How Many Cows ?

Question2: How Many Chicks ?

Question3: How Many Pigs ?

Question4: How Many Ducks ?

Question5: How Many Houses ?